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Danielle Coenen's "XX" Solo Exhibit


Danielle Coenen: "XX" - Solo Exhibit
Opening Artist's Reception: Saturday, February 29th
On View: February 22nd - March 29th

Curation 250
250 Jackson Street 5th Floor
Lowell, MA 01852


"XX" shows 20 works from four consecutive series developed between 2018 and 2020.

Faces merge with abstract marks of paint and mixed media. At times, they are more evocative, with an intense gaze and deconstructed mouth or concealed eyes. Other times, the character's expression is more quiet, but there is tension against the quality of the paint, looking eroded from different textures that are scraped and scratched at in several layers. Surreal palettes and dissipating forms bring an ethereal quality to the characters, allowing them to take shape and come undone again.

"XX" depicts the evolution that emerges from each series' response to the one prior. The progression begins with smaller works on paper, then the focus shifts to a saturated color series more intent on capturing the subjects. The third series moves to flesh-toned pieces pushing realism and abstraction further in each direction, and finally, the last is a small-scale series of the same piece painted in five ways.