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Brian J. Hoffman x Zone 3, Boston

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Art in Print is a program of Zone 3, designed to make buying art more accessible to the public. Newspaper bins around Western Ave in Allston contain a limited release of posters available to purchase for 25¢.

From Zone 3: Since the launch of this initiative in October 2018 we’ve worked with over 100 local artists.  We are thrilled to bring you twelve new pieces of collectable artwork this spring. Brian’s work is often a direct response to the craziness of everyday life. Ideas come from everywhere due to the constant over saturation of the media, news, and images that seep into his thoughts and come out in his work — both consciously and unconsciously. His art is inspired by sexuality, society, and the macabre. While it can be infused with pretty heavy topics at times, it winks fun while still being a bit subversive. Brian J. Hoffman is based in Boston. 

Instagram: @brianjayhoffman


 Boston, Massachusetts

Currently lives: Newton, Massachusetts

Title of artwork: “Payback No. 2"

What’s it about? This piece was inspired by a tattoo I’ve seen of Felix juggling mice. It acts as a continuation of my previous “Payback” piece, in which Felix is holding a spiked bat. I sometimes enjoy using skulls and fire in my work to symbolize mortality, and the minimal look of black, white, and red. This design is currently a limited edition silkscreened print.

Where else can we find your work? House of Roulx, All Star Press Chicago, Moby Arts LA

Where is your favorite public art piece in the area?
I’m a big fan of the painted apartment windows on Salem Street in the North End by local street artist, Nate Swain.

Who is your favorite Boston-area artist to follow? Adam J. O’Day

What would your last meal be? I’d most likely choose to pig out on as much Indian cuisine as I could.

If it was your turn to host book club, which title would you choose? MAU

Favorite place in Allston/Brighton for takeout? Punjab Palace

What have you learned about your creative practice in recent years? Don’t try to be perfect. Let mistakes happen and learn to live with them in the work. Be fearless and work in any style that’s suitable for the subject matter.