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Bianca Romero: "Where the Wild Things Grow" Exhibit, NYC


Show Dates: Oct 25 - Nov 10
Location: 320 W 23rd St., NYC
Exhibition Hours: Tuesdays - Sundays 1:00-8:00
or by appointment (email

This show is a peek into the different stages of artist Bianca Romero’s creative process, exhibiting a collection of her most recent paintings as well as displaying her work-in-progress pieces, along with drawings, studies and sketches. The show will be more of an installation experience, which explores Bianca’s creative process and the journey it sometimes takes to get to the finished point. It’s inspired by the many long walks taken throughout these New York City streets when creative blocks arise and somewhere along the way, around the corner, inspiration blooms.

"Many times my ideas come from taking walks through different neighborhoods in the city, zoning out and getting inspiration from the city’s energy. For this show I want to invite people along on my creative journey, so I designed the show so that people can join me on my walk around the block in search for inspiration." Bianca’s mixed media art explores our complex identity and finding beauty in each of us. There’s uniqueness and layers to each of us, every person is an embodiment of their collective pieces and experiences they go through on their own journey, searching for the thing that makes each of us bloom.

Upcycle Old Magazines:
As Bianca’s paintings are collaged mixed media, you can upcycle bring old magazines, newspapers, etc. Instead of throwing them in the trash, they can be upcycled for Bianca to collage into new works of art! This taps into the viewers perspective, and allows guests a chance to contribute to Bianca’s creative process

For the duration of the show, Bianca will be painting out of the show space, creating new paintings incorporating the materials donated by guests.