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Rosie and a New World Order - Original Mixed Media Work - 11 x 14"

Rosie and a New World Order • Original mixed media work on board by Al Díaz, Jilly Ballistic and matthewaaron • 11 x 14 inches

Hand-signed by artists Al Díaz, Jilly Ballistic and matthewaaron on verso

Letter of Authenticity


A mixed media mash up collaboration project by Al Díaz, Jilly Ballistic, matthewaaron and House of Roulx.

Described as “Nursery Rhymes for Our Modern Plague,” the trio has produced a work that is stunning in its light-hearted dread, using Díaz’s punky typefaces, Aaron’s chilling backdrops and Ballistics’ gas-masked WWII circa men, women and children highlighting how the fears of yesteryear weren’t that far removed from today’s reality. Rosie and A New World Order is a harrowing and shockingly accurate necessary souvenir of this time in our collective history.

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