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Campbell La Pun "Spray Cans" - NFT Collection Print Claim

"Spray Cans" - NFT Collection Print Claim  •  Archival pigment print  •  Printed on Moab Entrada Rag Bright 290 GSM archival paper  •  12 x 17 inches

Purchase only available to token holders of Campbell La Pun's "Spray Can" NFT Collection. Upon completion of your order, please email  with your NFT image file and order # for your custom print to be prepared. Any orders placed by non NFT token holders will be refunded. All orders must be completed by January 31, 2022 to claim your NFT print.

House of Roulx blind embossed stamping • Authentic Edition rubber stamp on verso • Letter of Authenticity

Campbell La Pun

Originating from Melbourne, Tokyo based Campbell La Pun's paintings wallow in a mash of popular culture from iconic film characters to retro video games and Japanese anime cartoons to comic text, his pictures taking us on a dizzying trip through the aesthetics of urban stencil art and crazy world of Japanese Kawaii cuteness and Kimochi sensations.

Using everything from stencils to aerosol and acrylic paint on wood and canvas La Pun takes us careering through the modern world, his paintings reflecting the dizzying range of motifs, colours and forms that manifest themselves in the pop culture iconography and advertising images of the global marketplace. That attack our senses every moment of everyday. Each picture a juxtaposition of East and West, America and Japan. A neon world of candy coloured madness that perpetually blinks in the artificial brightness of Times Square in New York and the Shibuya district in Tokyo.

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