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Rosie and a New World Order - Signed Book

Rosie and a New World Order

Hand-signed by artists Al Díaz, Jilly Ballistic and matthewaaron on interior title page

Mixed media works by Al Díaz, Jilly Ballistic and matthewaaron 
Poem by Al Díaz
Essay by Jeff Napier

Hardback with screen printed cover band

Letter of Authenticity


A mixed media mash up collaboration project by Al Díaz, Jilly Ballistic, matthewaaron and House of Roulx.

Described as “Nursery Rhymes for Our Modern Plague,” the trio has produced a work that is stunning in its light-hearted dread, using Díaz’s punky typefaces, Aaron’s chilling backdrops and Ballistics’ gas-masked WWII circa men women and children highlighting how the fears of yesteryear weren’t that far removed from today’s reality. Rosie and A New World Order is a harrowing and shockingly accurate necessary souvenir of this time in our collective history.

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