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Andrew Houle "Gloucester Marina Marsh" - Original Oil Painting on Wood - 24 x 30"

Gloucester Marina MarshOriginal oil painting on wood panel • 24 x 30 x 2 inches

Hand-signed and titled on verso by artist Andrew Houle

Letter of Authenticity


Andrew Houle has lived in Beverly, MA since graduating from Montserrat College of Art in the year 2000.  While studying primarily illustration, a love for oil painting co-existed throughout his formative years, leading to a split body of professional work with a career in comic books and also exhibiting in galleries. 

Houle shifted focus in early 2005 to what has been described as American Realism; capturing the surroundings north of Boston in an eclectic body of work highlighting blue-collar landmarks and iconic Cape Ann light. Recognizing influences from Hopper and Rockwell, Houle has worked towards creating a personal narrative through his paintings connecting the viewer to his or her community. His work can be found throughout the country in private collections and represented by galleries throughout New England.

In reference to the recent completed piece of Salem Co. Laundromat, Beverly, MA:
“American Realism at its best. Like Hopper’s 1940’s diner, there is nothing lonelier than a laundromat at night. A place of true democracy where the student, the homeless, the transient and the bourgeoisie-with-a-broken-washer-at-home interacts with or mainly ignores each other. I have spent many an evening at this place and the lights and shadows in this work brings me back to a state of gratefulness where for a brief time I got to feel a part of this city, warts and all. Andrew Houle, this one is very special.”

– Ricardo Fernandez



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Original Oil Painting on Wood Panel

24 x 30 x 2 Inches

Hand-Signed and Titled on Verso by Andrew Houle