Janis Joplin
janis joplin

her final performance
"On stage I make love to twenty five thousand people; and then I go home alone."
- Janis Joplin
august 12, 1970, harvard stadium, cambridge, massachusetts
Janis Joplin and the Full Tilt Boogie Band took the stage for what would be their last performance, an event that would become immortalized as one of Boston's most famed - and infamous - live music moments.
Janis Joplin
but something unexpected has surfaced
Not only was that night immortalized through the eyes, ears and hearts of those fortunate enough to have been there, but it was also captured on film by Peter Warrack...and we've got the negatives. And we want to share those last images of Janis Joplin in a new, re-imagined way.
Janis Joplin
Modern Archival Pigment Prints
Digitally Mastered from the Original Negatives
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