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Arthur William Brown - Signed Custom Postal Cover

Custom postal cover hand-signed in ink

Featuring original mixed media illustration by notable collector H. M. Brehm

Postal stamping, 1934

Near Fine Condition

House of Roulx Letter of Authenticity

Iconic Illustrators
Arthur William Brown

Arthur William Brown (1881–1966) was a Canadian commercial artist, most known for his work as an illustrator for the Saturday Evening Post, American Magazine, and Redbook.

Brown's works included illustrated stories of American authors such as F. Scott Fitzgerald, Irvin Cobb, and Sinclair Lewis. He also illustrated posters for the World War I war effort as well as book cover illustrations.

In 1964, Brown earned the unofficial title of Dean of American Illustrators and was inducted into the Illustrator's Hall of Fame by the American Society of Illustrators.

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