Dita Von Teese
dita von teese

by star foreman
Dita Von Teese
"I don't know a photographer who doesn't want to photograph Dita Von Teese. She is a bucket list model. An iconic woman, with beauty and style. I am so glad that these images are being offered for sale and that Dita has chosen them to autograph."
- Star Foreman
Dita Von Teese Star Star Star
Some tell stories with words, others, through pictures. Star Foreman weaves color and composition and environment to create a tale greater than its parts. With an eye that sees color as a living organism, Star equalizes its presence and power, creating a scene in which the color and subject interplay to assume equivalent roles.
Star received an honorable mention from the IPA Awards (a division of the Lucies) for her photo series of Dita Von Teese.
Dita Von Teese
18 x 24 Chromogenic Gallery Portraits
8 x 10 Pigment Prints
Hand-Numbered, Limited Editions of 25
Dita Von Teese
"I advocate glamour.
Every day, every minute."
- Dita Von Teese
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