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Alfred Edward Chalon - Signed, Hand-Written Letter (ALS) - 1842

Original signed, hand-written letter (ALS), July 8, 1842

Finished size: 4.5 x 7 inches; one page, front and verso

Fine condition, with light chipping and creasing

Letter of Authenticity

Alfred Edward Chalon

Alfred Edward Chalon (February 15, 1780 – October 3, 1860) was a Swiss portrait painter. Known for his portraits of the good society of London, he was chosen by Queen Victoria to paint a gift to her mother: Victoria in her State robes going to the House of Lords for her first official act, the prorogation of the Parliament, on 17 July 1837. After this task, Chalon was entitled Portrait Painter in Water Colour to Her Majesty and gained some celebrity. His 1837 portrait was engraved by Samuel Cousins and distributed to the public the day of Victoria's coronation, the 28 June 1838. Then, starting in 1851, the "Chalon head" appeared on some British colonies postage stamps.

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