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Moon Patrol & Jessica Brilli featured in Iron & Air Magazine

The good folks at Iron & Air Magazine are featuring Roulx repped artists Moon Patrol (including a front cover spot) and Jess Brilli in their latest Art & Design issue...check it out:

Produce more than you consume. It's a phrase that has stuck with me over the years, ever since I heard Adam put it so eloquently while discussing the values he tries to instill in his children — likely during one of the many late nights we’ve spent producing this very magazine. It's a simple idea: make more than you take, give more than you receive. There’s thousands of ways to express the essence of the phrase: that creating something to share with the world, your friends, your family — or even for yourself — is a critical component to finding meaning.

Building, creating, and producing is your mark, the tangible evidence of your blip on the timeline. Beyond your friends and family, it is your legacy. It was the reason we created Iron & Air — to create something in the world we wanted to exist but couldn't find. While every issue of Iron & Air is a celebration of ambitious people making things, this special issue shines a spotlight on the artists and designers that not only take inspiration from auto and moto culture, but provide it as well.

We see it with artists like Felix Hernandez, whose small-scale photography is bigger than life, or Andrey Tkachenko, whose illustrations of an imagined past delight and intrigue. Or the inspiring life of industrial designer Sixten Sason, whose iconic designs range from motorcycles to medium-format cameras.

If this special Art & Design issue can inspire even one of you to dig back into that custom motorcycle build that's been sitting in boxes, to break those oil paints out of the attic, pick up the ol' pencil and sketchbook, or dust off the film camera, then we've done our jobs.

114 pages of custom motorcycles, adventure, craft, travel, fuel-culture, and storytelling that you won’t get anywhere else, all served up in a collectible, archive-quality format.

Enjoy Issue 038.